5 Running Tips for Moms

“I often hear someone say I’m not a real runner. We are all runners, some just run faster than others. I never met a fake runner.” -Bart Yasso

The weather is warming up & Asheville is beautiful right now. Are you spending more time outside? We are too, mama.

Whether walking or running, playtime or picnics, being outside is great for your health & wellness. Have you considered taking up running? Well, don't start your journey alone. Join us for our Run Club+ 8-week guided training program.

Our Run Club+ starts May 18th & in the 8-weeks you get -- Detailed training plans for 5K, 10K, or half-marathons, tips for getting started, an extensive training guide, nutrition tips for fueling during training, weekly emails, a private FIT4MOM Run Club+ Facebook Group for community, & a Kick-Off and Finish Line Virtual parties. Ready to join?

Want more now? Here are 5 running tips for moms, just like you.

1. Give Yourself Grace

Feeling a little stressed today, this week, this quarantine month? It may not be the best idea to plan on running 3 miles at your previous race pace, if you haven't been training lately. Instead, give yourself some grace to be a true beginner right now. Start with alternating between walking & running for short periods of time. Need guidance? Did we mention Run Club+...

If you are not receiving adequate rest, be mindful that exercise, although beneficial, is added stress. The more intense the exercise, the more it stresses your body. Balance your internal stress with your workout choices as you recover.

2. Focus on Your Form

When cranking up a hill, your instinct may be to drop your head and shoulders down - whether running with a stroller or not. Focus on going back to the basics & focusing on proper posture: spine long, shoulders back and down.

3. Do Not Push Through Pain

Remember, pain is different than discomfort. You may experience discomfort when you start or return to running; this is totally is normal. Keep in mind that discomfort will subside, pain will persist. If you feel any pain in your pelvic floor while running, please see a Pelvic Floor PT (we recommend Amanda Fugate of Pelvic Forward). Any pain from a joint or muscle should be investigated at by a doctor or you risk making the issue worse.

4. Find a Running Buddy

Sure, you may not be able to run together physically, but you can certainly cheer each other on! Send each other playlists, routes, and texts of encouragement. We happen to have a lot of mamas ready to be your buddy...

5. Get the Gear

Breastfeeding? Get a great supportive sports bra. Have small children? Grab a running stroller at a local consignment store. Don't let any excuses of a stage in your motherhood stop you from moving. Get the gear, and get to running.