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5 Ways to Deal with Mama Anxieties

"Successful mothers are not the ones that have never struggled. They are the ones that never give up, despite the struggles." – Sharon Jaynes

Motherhood can be exhausting - no matter what age your kids are. Whether you begging your kid to go to sleep at 2am (at 15 months or 15 years) or struggling to be in ALL of the places at the same time, you are probably feeling a bit anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed. You are not alone. We are feeling it too.

Mama, are you taking care of yourself? It doesn’t matter the age or stage of motherhood you are currently journeying through, it’s important to remember to take care of your mind, body, and spirit.

You cannot survive and thrive in life if you are stumbling through in a stressed-out state of mind where you are not replenishing your own cup. In Asheville, there are a lot of resources and places you can go to find your own peace: Mother Well is one of those safe places. Jessi, the owner of Motherwell, provides postpartum mood & anxiety support through live sessions, her honest & vulnerable blogs, and photography sessions (plus she is one AHmazing mama to spend time with!). When we decided to share tips on dealing with the anxieties of motherhood, we knew Jessi would be the perfect person to share her tips with us.

Here are 5 ways to deal with mama anxieties in healthier ways from Mother Well.

1. Notice Your Daily Mindset

The way we think drives our behavior, influencing the way feel on a daily basis. One of the key ways to move through our anxiety is to notice our thoughts. Working with anxiety is all about creating safety within ourselves. When we work to notice our thoughts, versus ridding/changing them, it sends a response to our nervous system that says “I am safe here.” Safety allows for space, and cultivating space for this awareness empowers us to modify our responses. This shifts our behavior and produces better feelings.

Neuroscience teaches us that we can change the very structure of our brain when we change these patterns we were once unconscious of. We learn that we do not need to be victim to our biology, but rather we can be conscious creators of the life experience we desire to have. It all begins with cultivating awareness and recognizing we are safe to create the space for change.

2. Respect Food

Food is medicine, and it has a direct connection to our mood. We all have varying degrees of difference in our relationship with food. What is conducive to someone else’s well being, may act as a poison to yours. Our bodies intuitively know what is best for us, though sometimes our innate senses become hijacked. A dietary reset that eliminates common inflammatory triggers (such as added sugars, dairy, & processed foods) is a profound way to lessen the “noise” in our body and send our cells a signal of safety. This can help to bring our bodies back into homeostasis, or baseline, so that we can begin to reach for foods that serve our health verses that which produce only momentary pleasure.

3. Move for Fun

This is true for us both physically and energetically. When we are feeling stuck and anxious sometimes the best thing we can do is move our body. Not only does movement and exercise provide our cells with a delicious cocktail of endorphins and dopamine, but it also has the potential to produce the same effects as antidepressant medication. Like the saying goes “why be moody, when you can shake ya booty?”

If you are looking for a way to get moving again, join us for ThankFLOW starting Nov. 1st. This is a free 30-day program that features 15-minute yoga FLOW videos & daily moments of gratitude. Register here & lets move together.

4. Express Yourself

Life happens, and we all need healthy ways of assimilating or processing our experiences. Emotions turned inward look like addiction, overconsumption, disconnection, and destruction. Emotions turned outward to look like release, lightening, expanding and connecting. Expression lends us space, and we know that space is necessary for creating the desired change in our experience. Find a way to express yourself whether it is through the written word (published online or just in your notebook), knitting, reading, walking, dancing, or talking to a friend. Express yourself!

5. Find Your Community

You can have all of the above working to serve your greatest health, but if you don’t have a community in your life you’re missing a vital component to your well being. We were created to be with each other. We have social brains and our biology is hardwired for connection. In fact, lack of community can result in an inflammatory response from the body, a symptom that is communicating to us a message that 'something is out of alignment here.' So, remember this: I can be more when I am joined, then when I am alone. There is sacredness in non-separateness. We are better together. Simply, To Sister Well is to Mother Well

Ready to learn more? Check out Jessi’s free e-book 'The Five Pillars to Mental Wellness” here.

We also want to take a moment to thank Jessi for her AHmazing photography skills. The photos featured throughout this website are because of her artistic eye. Please take a moment to cruise through the site here as well as her own Mother Well site.