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Mother Well & Co: Wellness Wednesday Interview with Jessica

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Jessi of Mother Well for her Wellness Wednesday blog. I shared my nuggets of information on wellness, determining importance, & additional love notes from my heart to yours.

For example:

"I think the big thing with running Fit4Mom Asheville is that we are a safe place. We have moms who are newly postpartum, moms who had their youngest kid 13 years ago. We kind of run the gauntlet of motherhood, but no matter what age and stage that you find yourself – you’re in a safe place where you can come you can cry. You can workout hard- you can not workout hard at all , you can use it as your time to chat with other mamas or you can be in the zone and focus only on yourself and your mat. There’s no correct way to mother. There’s no correct way to move. And there is no correct way to gather. We just give you as many options as we can and introduce you to the Asheville community of mamas."

Please take just a few moments to check out more here on Mother Well's website.