15-Minute Total Body Conditioning Self-Guided Workout

“You have to exercise, or at some point you’ll just break down.” - Barack Obama

Day 4,235,842 of quarantine, & schools have announced they are out for the year. Stay strong, mama. You got this.

Sometimes, you need an outlet to get out your frustrations. Exercise can be just that outlet you need. Whether its a virtual live class with us, one of our at-home workouts, one of our blogs, or our virtual Run Club+, we are here to support you in whatever movement decision you need to make.

For this short workout, you need a band & your body. Ready to get started?

1. Warm-Up (3 Minutes)

Walk in circles around your house, climb your stairs, walk you driveway for 3-minutes

2. Plie Squat & Punches (1 Minute)

Wrap the band around your back and hold the handles. Make the band as tight as you want by holding the excess tube in your hands as well. Widen your feet past your hips & turn your knees and toes to the sides of the room. While holding your arms up, bend your knees and lower into a pile squat. Punch the right arm across the body and then the left. Think about squeezing your heels together to return to standing.

3. Deadlift & Upright Row (1 Minute)

Step on the band with both feet. Cross the handles in front of you. Keep your feet as wide as your hips. Hinge forward, pushing weight into your toes, Press into your heels to stand up, squeezing your booty. Pull your right elbow up to your shoulder bringing the handle to your chest & then lower. Repeat with your left elbow.

4. Lateral Lunge & Rear Delt Fly (1 Minute)

Step wide to your right side, bend your right knee & sit your hips back. Press through your right heel to return to standing. With your band at chest height, pull your right arm back while your left arm remains in front of you. Slowly return to the center before repeating the pull on the other side. Make sure you alternate your lateral lunges during this drill.

5. Squat & Biceps Curl (1 Minute)

While standing on the band, lower into a squat by sitting your hips back & bending your knees. Press through your heels to stand back up, squeezing your glutes. Pull the band up to your right shoulder, while keeping your elbow tucked in tightly. Lower slowly before repeating on the other side.

6. Lunge & Lat Pulldown (1-Minute)

Step back with your right leg, far enough back so that you can bend both of your knees with the back one touching the floor. Your feet should remain in this stance as you complete this drill. With your band overhead, bend your back knee down towards the floor. Press through your front heel to straighten. Pull your right arm down towards your right hip, squeezing your shoulder blades down. Slowly return to the top and repeat on the other arm.

7. Repeat Moves 2-6 (with #6 using the other leg to lunge)