Lead Mama Love: Natalie Grinnell

Passionate. That was the word I thought when I met Natalie Grinnell. Natalie was one of the first to welcome me with open arms to the Asheville fitness scene. I also knew upon our first meeting that I needed to keep in touch with her because there was no way I wasn't going to figure out how to be more involved with her. She's simply a joy to be around.

When I sat down with Natalie to talk about FIT4MOM and BeatuyCounter, two adventures we started simultaneously, I knew she was the perfect fit for our team. Now, Natalie is our newest instructor and I couldn't be more excited to watch her lead Stroller Barre classes.

Not only is Natalie starting to lead FIT4MOM Asheville classes, she's also participating in next week's Mother's Day Week Celebration. Join Natalie Thursday, May 16th at 5pm as she shares her tips and tricks to a healthier face while enjoying a cider (or two) at Urban Orchard. Come ask her questions, welcome her to the team, try products, take home samples, give her a hug & meet other like-minded mamas. RSVP here.