Mama Love: Cassandra

Not sure we are the right fit for you? @Cassandra says otherwise! "FIT4MOM Asheville for me is something to look forward to. I work 4 days a week and attend class on Friday mornings. The thought of that great workout with a group of phenomenal women who share motherhood in common, gets me through the week. I am the old mom, the one who has already been through the sleepless nights and teething, but I find myself thinking each time I join FIT4MOM how I wish I had a community like this when my children were little. When I was in the thick of it. I think it's a blessing for moms of any age and stage. These workouts have also pushed me to physically step outside of my normal workout routine. They have not only challenged me in class, but through the week in order to keep up with class on Friday. We, in this group, are all so very different, yet we are all so very similar too. It's an amazing community of strong women!"