Mama Love: Kari Fisher

Our long-time mama member, Kari, says this of her experience with Fit4Mom Asheville, "I really needed to find a place where I could exercise and not have a ton of mom guilt weighing over me. As a dancer, I've never coped well with a lack of movement. When I gave up teaching dance to be a mom it left me feeling very isolated. Fit4Mom Asheville brought me out of that isolation. Fit4Mom Asheville has given me an affordable way to stay moving but still have my kiddos at my side. It's not always easy and I'm still struggling to find that balance but it has given me hope that I desperately needed. Fit4Mom Asheville has also introduced me to incredible women who are strong and courageous. It is an honor to know and learn from these incredible mothers! Owner,Jess Maurer, has created an environment to connect, learn, move, and love yourself in a way that's not always easy to do as a mom. I have enjoyed the time I have spent with Fit4Mom Asheville and I look forward to the future with Fit4Mom Asheville and everything it is becoming."