Mama Love: Libby

This is what our working mama, Libby Rollins Knutson, has to say about our tribe: "there is really no other group of mamas that will hold such a special place in my life.

I may be a working mom, I may only be able to go a couple of times a week, heck, I may not make it at all, but when I do, this group of mamas (& kiddos) welcome me with open arms. And right then and there I know this is exactly where I am supposed to be! The hugs, the laughs, the tears (lets be real, it happens sometimes) the pure joy being around mamas that are walking the walk with you! And you get this all while working out! I mean, where else can you get an ever-changing kick butt workout with a group of supportive mamas and their beautiful kiddos?? NOWHERE!! I (and Aspen, of course) am truly thankful I took the plunge, jumped out of my regular workout routine and went to my first class! What are you waiting for, mama? Come join us!"