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Mama Love: Lydia Lewis

Lydia Lewis is a rockstar in our community. But let her tell you about it in her own words:

"Fit4mom Asheville has totally changed my life! I was welcomed with open arms into this group of amazing mamas (and kiddos) and I am so happy I finally got out of my comfort zone to join.

Jessica H. Maurer is an amazing trainer, it’s incredible the things that lady does on a daily basis, including being a fantastic friend!

I’d say, if you are a mama who needs some “her time” but also want to have your kids around, Fit4mom Asheville is for you. If you are a mama who is struggling with PPD/PPA and could use some friends who understand everything you are going through, Fit4mom Asheville is for you. If you could use a heck of a workout and want to see and feel a difference in your mind and body, Fit4mom Asheville is definitely for you!"