Mama Love: Rachel Rangel

Our mama member, Rachel Margo Rangel, says this about Fit4Mom Asheville, "I’m a working mom which means a few different things when it comes to finding a workout regimen.

I was hesitant in joining a gym because my schedule is so sporadic that dedicating multiple days a week is tough, especially if I have to leave my kids at home to do it. I wanted a place where I could bring my children with me. I know there’s multiple workout places around here that offer childcare, but it’s different with Fit4mom Asheville. Fit4mom not only allows me to bring my children with me, but they get to STAY with me during the entire workout. Jessica even incorporates them into the sessions so they enjoy going too, she makes it fun for them! Fit4mom has been perfect for me and my family, I am so thankful I joined."