Mama of the Month: Jess Benson

Meet our Mama of the Month: Jess Benson. Well, we all know her as Jess Lynn. This tiny powerhouse may wear the occasional romper, but she more than makes up for it with her open demeanor; Jess can make everyone feel like they have been her best friend for years.

When Jess is not squatting to the ground - literally - she's the mama to three awesome kids. She is finishing her masters, practicing yoga, raising her kids while her husband travels for work, swinging kettlebells, and selling Usborn books in her "free" time. Honestly, we know she sleeps, we just aren't sure when...

We love Jess for many reasons: from her tattoos to her love of the Gunslinger book series (you have my heart, lady!). Jess may be planning on leaving Asheville, but we are all planning on forcing her to stay; you can't leave if we make a human chain...just saying... We can't imagine FIT4MOM Asheville without you, Jess. Thank you for being a part of our mama tribe.