Mama of the Month: Jessica H. Maurer

Well, technically I am cannot be a Mama of the Month, because I am the Lead Mama of FIT4MOM Asheville. But since today is my birthday, I felt like sharing a little bit about myself with you.

I am the Director of Education at FIT4MOM (the national company) and I am the owner of FIT4MOM Asheville. I opened the Asheville location because I loved everything we were creating at FIT4MOM; I wanted to share this amazing community-building organization with this town that I love so much. So in January of 2019, FIT4MOM Asheville was born.

I am the happy and proud mama of a little 5-year-old kiddo. As you can see from this picture, he's fun-loving, silly, loving, kind, and everyone's best friend. When he was born, I felt incredibly alone. I know now that I am not the only new mama that feels that way. I created FIT4MOM Asheville to be a safe place for mamas of all ages and styles to come together to sweat, laugh, and be themselves.

When I am not teaching classes (shameless here to see our schedule), I love hiking, Marvel movies, reading Jack Kerouac and the Gunslinger series, making playlists on Spotify, touring the eats of Asheville, and drinking wine. I hope to meet you in class soon. Come join our tribe of healthy and happy mamas.