Mama of the Month: Laura Torres

Meet our Mama of the Month: Laura Torres. Laura is a recent transplant to Asheville who fit right into our tribe. From day one, we knew Laura & her kiddo were the perfect addition to FIT4MOM Asheville. Plus, she bakes! Like, for her job...

When Laura is not killing her cardio intervals in class or running with Run Club+, she's the mama to one adorable little boy. She's traveled the world, has some great recipe recommendations, loves a good grocery store (or 4) and is now caught up on Game of Thrones (FINALLY). Plus, her scarves, dreads, and flannels are superb.

Laura eats cupcakes the right way (sandwich!) and is always interested in a playdate. Laura, we can't imagine FIT4MOM Asheville without you and your 21 year old husband. We are so thankful to know you. Thank you for being in our tribe.