Mama of the Month: Robin Howie

Meet Robin Howie, our next Mama of the Month! Robin joined our tribe in January thanks to a recommendation from her sister. She rocked her first Stroller Strides class back then and has been coming back with her daughter in tow.

When Robin isn't showing off her flexibility skills in class (dude, her downward facing dog is just awesome), she's the mama to three little girls. Go team girl mama! While she may have wanted to be a doctor while growing up, she choose to be a vet & care for all of our 4-legged friends. Plus, Robin practice Taekwondo! Seriously, how cool is that?

We love having Robin in our classes! Robin, we thank you for sticking with us and being in our tribe of happy and healthy mamas, showing your girls that movement and "me time" is needed for everyone! We simply cannot imagine FIT4MOM Asheville without you.