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Our Mamas


Worried about not fitting in or being to quiet? Meet Cassie..."So, being an antisocial, boring, very quiet introvert, I just have to say how excited I am that Toshia Brown talked me into going to the free Fit4Mom class. I officially joined this awesome group of Mamas and I'm actually in awe of how comfortable I feel while with them! It's been a while since I felt like I was part of something. Thank you Fit4mom Asheville and every other...


Not sure we are the right fit for you? @Cassandra says otherwise! "FIT4MOM Asheville for me is something to look forward to. I work 4 days a week and attend class on Friday mornings. The thought of that great workout with a group of phenomenal women who share motherhood in common, gets me through the week. I am the old mom, the one who has already been through the sleepless nights and teething, but I find myself thinking each time I join...


Toshia shares her love for FIT4MOM Asheville here: "An uncomplicated community is how I would describe Fit4Mom Asheville. I was a new mama struggling with depression and anxiety when I found this amazing group of women who saw more in me than I did, myself. I thought I was going to a workout. I was terrified that I would be judged for how I looked or I would be the slowest one. But when I showed up for my first class, I felt like I was...


This is what our working mama, Libby Rollins Knutson, has to say about our tribe: "there is really no other group of mamas that will hold such a...


Here's what our mama member and incredible costume creator, Megan, has to say about us: "Loves me some Fit4Mom Asheville! I could not imagine a better group of women to share my mornings with. Jess is a super fun, compassionate, and knowledgeable instructor. I am very grateful for each and every woman and child who makes up this beautifully supportive community! All the stars!"


Our original mama member, Sarah Groleau , says, "Fit4Mom Asheville is exactly what I needed being new to the area. Not only have I loved the fun and challenging workouts, but the community that I have become a part of because of it has been priceless. I've never been a part of a group of moms who are so open, supportive, and welcoming. There is never any judgment, in regards to fitness abilities or in parenting. Everyone truly respects one...


Our new Strides 360 instructor, Laura Torres says this about working with us, "Working with Fit4mom Asheville has given me an amazing...


Our mama member, Rachel Margo Rangel, says this about Fit4Mom Asheville, "I’m a working mom which means a few different things when...


Our long-time mama member, Kari, says this of her experience with Fit4Mom Asheville, "I really needed to find a place where I could exercise and not have a ton of mom guilt weighing over me. As a dancer, I've never coped well with a lack of movement. When I gave up teaching dance to be a mom it left me feeling very isolated. Fit4Mom Asheville brought me out of that isolation. Fit4Mom Asheville has given me an affordable way to stay moving but...


"Not about perky breasts, but that’s ok 😊" says our mama & instructor Jessica Meinch. "One year ago, when I joined Fit4mom, I was looking for a community. As a homeschooling mom, it was important to find somewhere I could bring my children along, connect with other mamas, and get a good workout as I started my journey into self care.

The instructors are all moms and the workouts were designed for my postpartum body. For the first...

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Our wonderful mama member, Amy says about Fit4Mom Asheville,

"Fit4Mom is an incredible group of mamas! Jess is an extremely gifted instructor and has a magical way with the kids (and moms)... she's really touched. I'm so grateful and inspired by her💗 It isn't often you find a group of women that cheer each other on and approach gatherings with accepting and loving hearts... Fit4Mom Asheville is all of that AND a kick butt workout while...

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Here's what Laura Torres has to say about her experience with Fit4mom Asheville:

"With the community of mamas...

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Lydia Lewis is a rockstar in our community. But let her tell you about it in her own words:


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You may remember Caitlin from our "Mama of the Month" post earlier this year. We are excited that Caitlin chose to become a FIT4MOM Asheville instructor & she began teaching Stroller Strides on Mondays (starting at 9:30am in July!)

Our Starbucks & Chick-fil-a loving Lead Mama leads the Monday...


Meet our Mama of the Month: Laura Torres. Laura is a recent transplant to Asheville who fit right into our tribe. From day one, we knew Laura & her kiddo were the perfect addition to FIT4MOM Asheville. Plus, she bakes! Like, for her job...

When Laura is not killing her cardio intervals in class or running with Run Club+, she's the mama to one adorable little boy. She's traveled the world, has some great recipe recommendations, loves...


Passionate. That was the word I thought when I met Natalie Grinnell. Natalie was one of the first to welcome me with open arms to the Asheville fitness scene. I also knew upon our first meeting that I needed to keep in touch with her because there was no way I wasn't going to figure out how to be more involved with her. She's simply a joy to be around.

When I sat down with Natalie to talk about FIT4MOM and BeatuyCounter, two adventures...


Meet our Mama of the Month: Audrey Gurin. Audrey is one of the most compassionate, well-traveled, patient and knowledgeable mamas you can meet. Oh, and her cooking skills are superb!

When Audrey is not rocking her strength training moves in class, she's the mama of two kiddos. She's the mama you want on your trivia team and the one you can text late at night for support. Audrey is always interested in finding an experience or...


We cannot begin to explain the warmth and beauty of our newest instructor, Samantha Kellgren.

Samantha is a prenatal wellness coach who is leading our new FIT4BABY 8-Week Session, which starts tonight.

Sam is a wealth of knowledge, an experienced fitness fan, and will quickly welcome you to our tribe of FIT4MOM Asheville mamas. She...


Meet our next - and last for March - Mama of the Month: Amanda Jackson. Amanda is a dedicated mama who is determined to feel strong again. She started with us in January, and has made it through sickness and vacations to make it to class with us.

When Mandy is not rocking her cardio drills, she's the mama to two kiddos. She moved to Asheville from Florida & is one of the mamas in our Run Club+. She has fought back from injuries...


Meet Robin Howie, our next Mama of the Month! Robin joined our tribe in January thanks to a recommendation from her sister. She rocked her first Stroller Strides class back then and has been coming back with her daughter in tow.

When Robin isn't showing off her flexibility skills in class (dude, her downward facing dog is just awesome), she's the mama to three little girls. Go team girl mama! While she may have wanted to be a doctor...


Meet our Mama of the Month: Jess Benson. Well, we all know her as Jess Lynn. This tiny powerhouse may wear the occasional romper, but she more than makes up for it with her open demeanor; Jess can make everyone feel like they have been her best friend for years.

When Jess is not squatting to the ground - literally - she's the mama to three awesome kids. She is finishing her masters, practicing yoga, raising her kids while her husband...


Well, technically I am cannot be a Mama of the Month, because I am the Lead Mama of FIT4MOM Asheville. But since today is my birthday, I felt like sharing a little bit about myself with you.

I am the Director of Education at FIT4MOM (the national company) and I am the owner of FIT4MOM Asheville. I opened the Asheville location because I loved everything we were creating at FIT4MOM; I wanted to share this amazing community-building...


Meet another Mama of the Month: Jessica Meinch. Jessica is one of the most patient, knowledgeable, and welcoming women we have ever encountered. Don't know Jessica? That's ok, I bet you know someone who does. She is far more connected than Kevin Bacon...

When Jessica is not rocking her lower body exercises (guys, her legs are strong!), she's a mama of 4 incredible children. In fact, her two eldest daughters are my "playground captains"...


Meet our next Mama of the Month: Dana Ventura. This mama is full of great information about the Asheville area, documentaries to be watched, and what live music shows to attend. She's the one who is always up for having a good time, whether that is in class, in the mountains, or at a playground.

When Dana is not in Friday class focusing on herself, she's outside walking, hiking, or hanging out at all of the best places in Asheville...


Our second mama to celebrate during our Month of Mama is Caitlin Best. And we are sure she has never heard this joke before, but she's the BEST. No really...she is.

Caitlin is dedicated to being a strong example for her baby girl through her workouts, nutrition, and faith. Even though she drives almost 45-minutes for class, you can expect to see Caitlin in at least 4 classes a week, even when the roads are icy and schools are...


This month, we are celebrating the Month of Mama! To kick off our awesome month of new programs, giveaways, and more, we are launching our Mama of the Month! But...there isn't just 1 mama this month...there are 7! We cannot wait to introduce you to all of our Founding Mamas who joined our tribe within the first 30 days of launching.

Let's start with the first one to join our tribe. Please meet Sarah Groleau! Sarah is a...


It’s always a great sign when a person who enjoys “working” goes quiet.

I haven’t blogged in almost a full year and a lot has happened: a kindergartener, a move into town, multiple job projects, a life-evolution, new doors, good food, great company, planes, trains, and automobiles. I have not been out-and-about on the fitness scene quite as much as I have been in years past; much of my work-focus has been “behind the scenes” & I...